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Inspiring KS1 pupils to achieve mastery in maths.

A full scheme that follows a CPA approach – no preparation needed.
Aligned to the new National Curriculum.


Aligned to the new National Curriculum
Year 1  |  Year 2

White Rose Maths

Aligned resources – full scheme


Assessmnets & progress tackers
Year 1  |  Year 2

Free Resources

100+ resources to choose from

Lesson plans

  • Weekly lesson plans aligned to the White Rose Maths 2021-22 scheme.
  • No preparation required.
  • Resources clearly linked.
  • Editable (PowerPoint format).
  • Differentiated star system guidance.
  • TAF statements, key vocabulary and national curriculum links.
  • Starter, teach, practise & reflect sections.
  • Easy-to-view – spread over two pages.

Teaching Slides

  • Forever free!
  • Weekly teaching slides broken up into 5 lessons.
  • Editable (PowerPoint format)
  • Higher visual to keep children engaged.
  • Transitions to showcase methods and reveal answers.
  • Aligned to White Rose Maths but can be used by all.
  • Fluency, reasoning & problem solving slides.

Differentiated Worksheets &
Mastery Cards

  • Differentiated worksheets to cater for all abilities.
  • Fluency, reasoning and problem solving activities.
  • Follows a CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach.
  • A variety of contexts and question styles to avoid rote learning & task repetition.
  • Easy-to-snip problem solving & reasoning cards to deepen conceptual understanding.

Practical Activities, Games & Puzzles

  • Practical activities to encourage a hands-on approach to maths.
  • Photographic guidance and examples.
  • A broad range of tasks & contexts to avoid rote learning & task repetition.
  • Games and puzzles to challenge thinking whilst keeping children engaged.
  • Opportunities for group work.

Displays & Templates

  • Displays aid children’s learning using pictorial representations.
  • Templates allow children to create their own questions & problems for their partner to solve.
  • Templates can be used as an extension or to create new activities.

Assessments & Progress Trackers

  • Assessments for every block / topic including question papers, answer sheets, question breakdowns and teacher reference guides.
  • Assessment progress tracker to record scores and track progress.
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Our resources in action

What our members say

What our members say

It fits perfectly with our continuous provision approach in Year 1 as the resources are so easily adaptable. As a mentor, it has built confidence for planning and teaching maths. Read more
Katie H.
Teacher & Mentor


Primary Stars Education has been a total life changer for me. It's one of those things that once you start using it, you can't imagine how you ever survived without it 🤩. Read more
Jasmin C.
The school recommended these resources to support home learning. The worksheet packs provided different levels of difficulty and there were so many games and activities to choose from. Read more
Amy H.
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